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During her conference on 12 October, Christine Lagarde, President of the ECB, said that bankers in Frankfurt am Main were considering whether to introduce a digital euro. OktoberYouTube.

Lagarde asserts that confidence in digital payments has increased during the pandemic. The Corona crisis is being used as an excuse to speed up the process of switching to digital money.

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The virus is suspect precisely for this reason. The pandemic has achieved various political objectives and the masks on our faces are like muzzles put on us by our masters.

The protests of the Yellow Vests have been paralysed. The demonstrations that would have taken place during the elections in various states have not taken place.

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Look at Belarus, where there was no lockdown. There are demonstrations. And look: Digital euro the countries where cash was king, especially in Germany and Italy, there were significantly more cashless payments.

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Brussels is preparing us for a nationless state of the future, where societies will be made up of people of different races, with the white indigenous race not dominating. What would also be abolished in one big swoop are the remnants of our freedom, which would be secured by cash. The digital euro could become a tool of control because governments could use the balance of our account like a credit digital euro system.

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Our rebellious behaviours would be punished by withdrawal of money from our disposal. Participating in a demonstration? No problem.

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The condition is that all banks would have to be nationalised, which often happens in times of crisis and is quite possible because the ECB is already buying bonds of the banks in the euro zone on a massive scale.

The fact that Germans and Italians have so much cash shows that they hardly trust the banks and the governments, especially the ECB.

Never mind that, Christine Lagarde has a vision of a wonderland with glass people.

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