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Also, see synonyms on the website Wiktionary. Rugsėjo 7 d. In an article published on January 6,Twitter was confirmed to be the biggest social media network in Japan, with Facebook following closely in second. Straipsnyje, paskelbtame m. Sausio 6 d.

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Inthe country with the most active users on Twitter was the United States. USD iš rizikos kapitalo augimo finansavimo, nors tikslūs skaičiai nėra viešai skelbiami. In MayThe Industry Standard remarked that Twitter's long - term viability is limited by a lack of revenue. Gegužės mėn.

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Gruodžio mėn. In Julysome of Twitter's revenue and user growth documents were published on TechCrunch after being illegally obtained by Hacker Croll.

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Liepos mėn. Pirmojo ketvirčio finansinių pajamų statistika buvo mln. Rugsėjo mėn. Twitter places great reliance on open - source software. As of April 6,Twitter engineers confirmed that they had switched away from their Ruby on Rails search stack to a Java server they call Blender.

Nuo m. Balandžio 6 d. On January 5,33 high - profile Twitter accounts were compromised after a Twitter administrator's password was guessed by a dictionary attack.

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Sausio 5 d. Twitter acquired Dasient, a startup that offers malware protection for businesses, in January Rugpjūčio mėn. Gegužės 5 d. On May 13,Twitter disclosed that they had discovered a bug that accidentally shared location data from iOS devices to an advertiser.

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Gegužės cryptocurrency news dataset d. On 9 OctoberTwitter took additional steps to counter misleading campaigns ahead of the US Election. Spalio 9 d. JAV rinkimus ėmėsi papildomų veiksmų kovodama su klaidinančiomis kampanijomis.

Similarly, Twitter banned 7, accounts and limitedmore that had ties to QAnon on July 21, Liepos 21 d. Between January and late JulyTwitter had identified and shut down over 7, fake accounts created by Iranian influence operations.

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In DecemberTwitter removed 5, accounts cryptocurrency news dataset violating their manipulation policies. A Twitter bot is a computer program that automatically posts on Twitter, they are programmed to tweet, retweet, and follow other accounts. Twitter is recognized for having one of the most open and powerful developer APIs of any major technology company.

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From untilTwitter's developer platform experienced strong growth and a highly favorable reputation. Sausio mėn.

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Iki m. In OctoberTwitter cryptocurrency news dataset Fabric, a suite of mobile developer tools built around Crashlytics.

Mokslas: Klimato kaitos „dvigubas siaubas“ gali nužudyti žuvų rūšis –

Spalio mėn. In earlyTwitter announced that Fabric was installed on more than 2 billion active devices and used by more thandevelopers.

Tyrimas pateikia pirmuosius tvirtus įrodymus, kaip istoriniai pasaulinės temperatūros svyravimai paveikė šių rūšių evoliuciją. Jame daugiausia dėmesio buvo skiriama Clupeiforms — labai įvairiai žuvų grupei, randamai visame pasaulyje, kuriai priklauso svarbios žuvininkystės rūšys, tokios kaip ančiuviai, Atlanto silkė, japoninė sardinė, Ramiojo vandenyno silkė ir Pietų Amerikos sardinė.

Twitter has a history of both using and releasing open source software while overcoming technical challenges of their service.

Twitter has been used for a variety of purposes in many industries and scenarios. A practical use for Twitter's real - time functionality is as an effective de facto emergency communication system for breaking news.

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Another practical use that is being studied is Twitter's ability to track epidemics and how they spread. Additionally Twitter serves as sensor for natural disasters such as bush fires and earthquakes.

InNielsen Online reported that Twitter had a user - retention rate of forty percent. Twitter is increasingly used for TV to be more interactive.

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In Mayit launched Twitter Amplify—an advertising product for media and consumer brands. In JuneTwitter acquired its Amplify partner in the U.

Birželio mėn. On the parduodant akcijų pasirinkimo sandorius ir mokesčius of the U. In AprilKanye West announced on Twitter that Nas's twelfth studio album will be released on June 15, also serving as executive producer for the album. Balandžio mėn. Bus išleistas dvyliktasis Nas studijinis albumas, kuris taip pat bus vykdomasis albumo prodiuseris.

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In OctoberFry began posting to the social networking site Twitter, which he regularly updated. Fry wields a considerable amount of influence through his use of Twitter.

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In NovemberFry's Twitter account reached one million followers. Lapkričio mėn. In JanuaryCornell announced via his Twitter account that he was in the studio recording a new solo album.

Novoselic continues to support political reform, even looking at social networks such as Facebook and Twitter as major factors in shaping the political future. naujienos – sužinoti daugiau!

As the public heard of Dyer's casting, his name began trending on Twitter. The scenes in which Johnny comes out as gay to Mick in the 3 January episode were widely praised by viewers on Twitter. Scenos, kuriose Johnny pasirodė kaip homoseksualus Mickui m. Sausio 3 d.

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